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Sautéed Veggies with Toasted English Muffins

March 3, 2012 by Tori

So today for breakfast, (My little brother and his 2 friends made roman noodles) I made sautéed vegetables. Its a simple concept, but super delicious! So first I started chopping the veggies. You can use any type you want but this is what I used. I chopped up one large carrot. One stalk of green onion. 2 large Baby Bella mushrooms. 8 stalks of asparagus. 1/4 of a green bell pepper, and some leftover potatoes. I heated up a medium skillet with butter and put my veggies in. While they were cooking I took some Havarti cheese and grated it one the top. After about 5 min, I took out my veggies and sprinkled even more cheese onto them. I toasted an english muffin and “TaDa!” A delicious breakfast for 1. Enjoy!

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