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Frozen dinners 2

March 4, 2012 by Tori

So remembering my last post of frozen dinners, I thought I would recommend one! My most highly recommend frozen dinner meal is “Bremers Frozen Garlic Chicken Pasta.” It is super delicious and tastes homemade and fresh. All you do is put the contents of the bag into a large skillet. Then you add a tablespoon of water until it simmers. Then you reduce the heat, put on a lid and heat for 9-11 minutes. Its that easily! The meal includes plump chicken cut into chunks, broccoli, carrots, corn, and pasta. All of this is smothered in a delicious garlic sauce. I’ve eaten and entire bag in one sitting, all by my self! It is so good! And really cheap! Only 3 dollars a bag. Well as they say in Sweden,Wow det här är riktigt bra kyckling i en påse!(Wow this is really good chicken in a bag!)

Adjö! (Goodbye!)

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